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Supercilium Silicone Lamination Brush

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The Silicon Brush is the tool that every brow artist needs to have to perfectly Glaze and Laminate the eyebrow and eyelashes. A high-quality brush made from silicon, copper ferrule and a wooden handle to make sure you can use this brush over and over again.


  • This brush is specially made for easy applying lamination. A basic tool that every brow artist needs! With this brush you don’t need any single use applicators because the Silicon Brush is made from the best materials so it can be used over and over again.


  • Apply Glaze Nr.1 on the Silicon Brush and equally divide the solution over the brows. Don’t forget to set the hairs in the right direction with the Spoolie Brush before you apply the Glaze. Before adding Solution Nr. 2 to the brow, always clean the Silicon Brush properly.