Paradigm Beauty Supply FAQ's

Lash Lift

Do I Need To Train With Elleebana In Order To Purchase Elleebana Products?

A licensed beauty professional does not need to take training in order to purchase Elleebana products. However, we strongly encourage taking training to ensure that you are confident in providing the best service with the best results.

How Often Can My Clients Reschedule?

We suggest clients reschedule for 6-8 after their lash lift service. Some clients will need to wait a little longer. This is due to the natural growth cycle and can vary per person.

What Should I Price The Service At?

We suggest the average lash lift price to range $75-$95 a lash lift and tint $80-120.

How Long Does It Take To Perform The Service?

With training and practice the service can be completed in 45 mins for a lift and a tint. Beginners may need an hour.

Is Elleebana Lash Lift Vegan?

Elleebana is classified as non-vegan due to the lash lift solutions containing small amounts of ethically sourced lanolin which aids in added hydration.

Can My Client Continue To Use Their Lash Lift Growth Serum?

We suggest that clients stop using all lash growth serums 48 hours prior to their lash lift service and wait another 48 hours before resuming use. Lash growth serums extend the growth phase of the lash cycle and slows the release phase. This can cause complications with the lash growing out.

Brow Henna

How Can I Make The Skin Stain Last Longer?

We suggest mixing 10% black in with every service to extend the stain time. This will also help to provide the henna colors with a cooler tone. Following aftercare is also necessary. Make sure you are allowing the henna to completely dry before removing. Layer the henna applying a focused application to the skin then to the hairs.

What Is The Aftercare For A Brow Henna Service?

Clients should avoid getting their brows wet for 24 hours. They should also avoid heat and steam within 24 hours. It’s best to not use any skincare products containing oil on or near the brows.

Does The Henna Contain PPD?

Elleebana brow henna is 98% naturally sourced and vegan. There are trace amounts of PPD found in the brow henna colors. This helps to improve processing times. Without it, henna could take hours to stain the skin.


What Types Of Lashes Does Elleebana Offer?

Elleebana's lashes are made of high quality PBT fiber that is hand cut, rolled, and heated to perfection. Elleebana’s lashes come in classic, volume, and pre-made volume fans.

Does Elleebana Offer Lash Extension Glue?

Elleebana offers two types of glue. The red batch is perfect for beginners and has a drying time of 4-5 seconds and a strength of 4-5 weeks. The gold batch dries in 1-2 seconds and has a strength of 5-6 weeks.

Shipping, Returns, Exchange Info & Warranty

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?

All orders are shipped Priority Mail which typically takes 2-3 days unless you select expedited shipping. All orders are provided with a tracking number so that you can follow you orders progress.

Can I Return My Order?

We are happy to refund you in full for your items if they are unopened and purchased within 14 days.

Are items covered under a warranty if damaged?

Items can be returned for a refund if they are damaged upon arrival and their integrity is compromised.

What If The Post Office Lost My Package?

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If the post office does lose your package, please contact them and have you tracking number available. Please know that we do everything in our ability to make sure that your package arrives safe and on time. We do however offer ROUTE INSURANCE with all orders when purchasing to cover Lost/Theft/Damage

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