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Angled Cleansing Brush

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Clients arrive with eyes full of makeup or in desperate need of a cleanse? Meet your new lash saver—the Angled Cleansing Brush!

  • The single-use lash cleansing brush hygienically deep cleans lashes in a pinch and pampers your clients lashes with its soft, flexible bristles
  • The angled brush shape allows for better visibility while cleansing from your pro chair
  • Made to set up lash services for success, pair our eyelash cleansing bursh with Breakdown and Lash Bath to ensure easier lash application, better retention and an opportunity to educate on lash care



Makeup RemovalUse the eyelash cleansing brush with Breakdown Makeup Remover and work it over the lash line and lids. Once makeup is loosened, rinse with warm water to remove product, and work through lashes again to rinse product from eyes. Pat eyes gently with a disposable cloth to dry.

Lash CleanseDispense a dime-sized amount of Lash Bath onto a clean surface, and use the brush to swirl it into a lather. Apply to client’s lids and gently swoop through lashes over their tops and underneath. To finish, wet the brush with water and rinse lids and lashes. Pat eyes gently with a disposable cloth to dry.

Best PracticesDispose after each use. Send your client home with a Clean Swoop Brush to continue their lash care experience!