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Waxing just got better!!!

Enhance your waxing services with our Waxicles.  Our Hypoallergenic Film Hard Wax waxicle can be used with any wax/wax color without changing their performance. They are Hypoallergenic/Vegan/ Fragrance free/allergen free and animal cruelty free. 1 per pack.

PLEASE NOTE: Waxicles do't really show much on creamy waxes such as Mademoiselle.It only works with waxes that have a gel like translucent consistency (You Blue My Mind, Hairy Days Are So Over, Hello Gorgeous, Oh Honey, love You Violeta or any other waxes that are translucent.) you can use it on any other wax except creamy ones.

How much do I need when mixing it in on the wax pot?

5 Lb or  smaller wax warmer-  1 Waxicle

10 Lb or bigger -  2 Waxicles