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Supercilium Mini Henna Kit - 3 colors

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A mini kit with all the essentials you need to do henna brows. Contains the Brow Henna colors Blonde, Medium Brown & Dark Brown and all other products needed to apply henna. By mixing these popular colors, you can achieve well-defined brows for almost all skin and hair colors. 

In the kit: 
- Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown. 
- Color Corrector, Color Developer, Pro Cleanser.
- Angled brush.
- Mixing cup, spatula & spoon. 



  • A lot of Brow Artists requested a smaller kit with our bestselling colors. You ask, we deliver! To be able to still serve most of your clients with these colors, we made a special course about Mixing colors so you can learn how to make the most out of your colors.. 
  • What’s in the kit?
  • - Blonde Brow Henna
  • - Medium Brown Brow Henna
  • - Dark Brown Brow Henna
  • - Color Developer
  • - Color Corrector
  • - Pro Cleanser
  • - Medium Angled Brow Brush
  • - Mixing cup, spoon and spatula


Visit the separate product pages to find all detailed information about ingredients:

Color Developer

Color Corrector

Pro Cleanser


Medium Brown

Dark Brown 


  • Remember to always perform a patch test 48H before the treatment.
    Step 1:Mixing ratio: one spoon of Supercilium Henna powder with 10 - 20 drops of Supercilium Color Developer. When mixing colors, just make the scoop smaller. Most beauticians use half a scoop for one henna treatment. Stir well until a smooth substance is achieved. It’s important that the henna is not too runny, nor too thick.
    Step 2:Use the Supercilium Prep Peel Gel to get rid of excess sebum, make-up buildup and dead skin cells to ensure the longevity of Brow Henna treatments. Apply one drop on each eyebrow, massage it gently into the brow for 15 seconds and carefully remove it with a cotton pad with Supercilium Pro Cleanser.  
    Step 3: Apply a layer of henna with an angled brush. Press/stamp the paint into the eyebrow until all skin is covered, back to front as well. Make sure to create sharp lines. Correct small mistakes using a cotton swab with Supercilium Color Corrector.
    Step 4:Remove product at the inside of eyebrows after 3-5 minutes for an ombre effect, with a damp cotton pad. If still too light, reapply and leave on for another 3-5 minutes.
    Step 5: Remove the rest of the henna after 10-20 minutes. If you want to correct or lighten the brow color, use the Supercilium Color Corrector again by gently wiping over recently painted brows with a cotton swab.