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Small Hard Soft Wax White Wax Warmer - 14 Oz



The Miss Cire Professional for Hard and Soft Wax Warmer is the perfect wax warming solution for busy salons and estheticians who want to give their clients a heavenly waxing experience. This small-but-powerful wax heater is designed for all Miss Cire Hard Wax and Canned Soft Wax products, quickly and evenly bringing any type of wax to the perfect consistency every time.

This professional-grade wax warmer is built with an LED indicator light that alerts you when the wax has reached the ideal consistency based on your temperature selection. It also includes a locking lid which efficiently traps heat inside so you can leave a can of wax warm and ready for application all day long.

All Miss Cire electric wax warmers and depilatory equipment are known to be environmentally friendly, durable enough for everyday use, and cost-effective in power consumption. Constructed with high quality parts, easy to clean and topped off with our white alpine finish, the Small Professional Hard and Soft Wax Warmer from Miss Cire is the perfect addition to any salon or esthetician’s studio.

The wax warmer comes with 1 pot designed specifically for hard wax. This is a multi function wax warmer, it can be used to heat the soft wax can by removing the pot and placing the can directly into the space provided.


  • Durable, modern design
  • Detachable aluminum container
  • LED temperature indicator system
  • Measurements: 9" x 6 1/2" x 6"