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Why limit yourself, give your clients anything they want with fully stocked shelves.

This full skincare retail bundle will show your clients what the Green Envee experience is all about. Blending aromatherapy, nature + science with high potency herbs, bioactive essential oils, wild + organic plant active ingredients that deliver amazing results.

Bundle package incorporates all of our retail skincare products that you’ll need to provide an abundantly displayed retail shelves in your spa for customers to enjoy.

Bundle Introductory Price $1046 a $1275 value

 Illuminate Enzyme Cleansing Powder 4.5oz | Qty 2

Soothe Herbal Cleansing Cream 6oz | Qty 2

Purify Botanic Cleansing Oil 6oz | Qty 2

Hydrate Facial Mist 4oz | Qty 2

Bright Facial Mist 4oz | Qty 2

Pumpkin Glycolic Peel 3% 1.7oz | Qty 2

Rejuvenate Brightening Peel 1.7oz | Qty 2

Refine Polishing Facial Scrub 1.7oz | Qty 2

Potent C Superfood Masque 1.7oz | Qty 2

Firm Collagen Gel Masque 1.7oz | Qty 2

Clear Complexion Healing Masque 2oz | Qty 2

Restore Hydration Masque 1.7oz | Qty 2

Glow C+ Brightening Serum 1.7oz | Qty 2

H.A. Collagen Boosting Serum 1oz | Qty 2

Clear Repair Serum 1oz | Qty 2

Flora Elixir Botanic Oil Serum 1oz | Qty 2

Balance Charcoal Moisturizer 1.7oz | Qty 2

Protect Antioxidant Moisturizer 1.7oz | Qty 2

Nourish Replenishing Moisturizer 1.7oz | Qty 2

Revitalize Eye Gel 15ml | Qty 2

Renew Eye Complex 15ml | Qty 2

Clear Quartz Facial Roller | Qty 2

Retail Shelf Edge Talker Set (22pcs) | Qty 1

Wellness Script Rx (25pack) | Qty 1

Eucalyptus Brand Counter Card | Qty 1

Green Luxury Skincare Counter Card | Qty 2

Small Retail Bags | Qty 20